Site Improvements for PCSO Lotto Results

As you may have already noticed, there are new features on PCSO Lotto Results. We’ve started implementing some tweaks to improve the design, posts and the way we interact with readers.

For a week now, we have installed codes for widgets that could help you get more relevant information. We are pleased to announce that we have added the Infolinks Related Tags, Tag Cloud and Search Widget for the purpose.

Instead of just posting the winning numbers in daily draws, we have written posts about lotto results to storify anything that’s happening in the lottery betting and gaming world. This change also serves as proof that PCSO Lotto Results is not a ‘copy/paste’ site but a site full of lotto information.

Another enhancement that has been added here is the Facebook comments box where bettors can ask questions, have their thoughts voiced out, share some useful tips, and interact with one another.

Our objective on installing the new commenting system is to build a community of individuals with similar interests and aspirations.

We assure you that anything Philippine lotto will be provided here. You don’t need to buy a paper to know the results, they’re all available in this site 24 hours a day, everyday!