August 19, 2012 Lotto Results

Hello there lotto fanatics! How’s your weekend? The PCSO lotto draw results for Sunday, August 19, 2012 have been drawn.

Check out the winning combinations below.

Super Lotto 6/49
In any order
Jackpot Prize: Php 16 Million
Consolation prizes: P56,000 for 5 winning numbers, P1,000 for 4 and P100 for 3.

Swertres 3 Digit
11:00 am: 0-0-9
4:00 pm: 9-8-7
9:00 pm: 7-2-4
In exact order
P4,500 per ten-peso play

Two Digit EZ2 Lotto
11am: 23-03
4pm: 23-27
9pm: 09-09
In exact order
P4,000.00 per ten-peso play

Congrats po sa mga nanalo tonight!

By the way, five lotto gamers won the Super Lotto jackpot in the previous draw. According to the announcer, the lotto tickets were bought in Manila, Quezon City and Iloilo.

For tonight, PCSO’s main computer center revealed that there’s no winner of the minimum Super Lotto jackpot prize.