Grand Lotto Sept 10 jackpot expected to hit P266 million

You are probably seeing much longer lines at lotto outlets today, September 10. That’s because the Grand Lotto jackpot is estimated to hit P266 million!

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office announced over the weekend that nobody won Saturday’s jackpot prize of P246,984,321.60 for the winning number combination 40-18-29-45-27-01.

With the grand prize still intact and ticket sales are expected to rise as more and more people will play the Grand Lotto game Monday, the pot money will definitely balloon up to the estimated jackpot, probably even more.

Among the lotto games, the 6/55 is the hardest to hit because there are many number combinations, but it also has the biggest prizes at stake.

Besides the jackpot, consolation prizes in the Grand Lotto are P150,000 for 5 winning numbers, P2,000 for 4 and P150 for 3.

Tip: Previous winners in the Grand Lotto have chosen to play via the lucky pick system.