Lotto gamer writes letter to PCSO complaining about "fraud and deception"

While this site is not in any way connected to or affiliated with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), we feel that it is our social responsibility to voice out some concerns emailed to us by lotto gamers.

This way, we don’t only help the sender, we also help the PCSO hear the sentiments of lotto patrons so the agency can do whatever they can to address vital issues.

An email with the subject: “fraud and deception” was sent to us on Monday, January 7, 2013 by a lotto gamer whose name will be held for privacy reasons.

It reads:

“Dear Ms Chairwoman:

You most likely have received this kind of complaint before regarding the behavior of some of your outlets: they deliberately retain the poster prize of what has already been won so as to encourage patrons to buy tickets to a draw that only carries the minimum prize.

For instance, this afternoon I bought a ticket for the grand lotto draw because the posted prize for it was 94 million which prize was already won in the previous draw. I would not have bought for that draw if they were truthful and had posted the minimum prize.

I wonder if this policy of deception and dishonesty is encouraged by your office in order to jack up the volume of your sales. This is not the first time that I have been deceived by the PCSO this way hence I write to call your attention to this unethical practice, either independently by your outlets or as a merchandising policy of the office that your chair.

Yours sincerely,


We hope someone from the office can bring this message to PCSO Chairwoman Margie Juico’s attention.