PCSO 5-22-13 Digit Games | 4-Digit, Suertres, EZ2 Draw

The winning numbers of the PCSO 5-22-13 digit games are announced today. This is where you will find the results of Wednesday’s digit draws.

9pm: 4-0-0-0
In exact order
Consolation prizes: P800 for 3 winning numbers, P100 for 2, from the last, per ten-peso play

11:00 am: 8-9-6
4:00 pm: 9-5-7
9:00 pm: 3-4-6
In exact order
P4,500 per ten-peso play

Remember that prizes for these games are tax-paid. PCSO says no deduction on the winnings must be made.

11am: 07-22
4pm: 04-06
9pm: 15-27
In exact order
P4,000.00 per ten-peso play

We will update this post after the scheduled morning, afternoon and evening draw. Yung meron pong tips at hearing diyan, pwede nyo pong i-share sa mga kababayan natin.

Good luck to all gamers!