PCSO 5-25-13 Digit Draw | 6D, 3D, 2D Winning Numbers

PCSO holds the 5-25-13 digit draw to pick the winning numbers of the 6D, 3D, 2D games. May this beautiful weekend bring more luck to everyone playing the lotto.

9pm: 1-8-4-4-5-0
In exact order

11:00 am: 3-3-3
4:00 pm: 7-7-7
9:00 pm: 9-8-7
In exact order
P4,500 per P10 play

11am: 30-27
4pm: 19-15
9pm: 15-05
In exact order
P4,000.00 per P10 play

All prizes are tax-paid. A separate webpage will be created for the major draw winning combinations.

Yun pong may mga tips at hearing diyan, you can post the probables in the conversations section below. Good to all!