Letter Sender: "Modified bet price a wrong strategy"

For transparency and to open discussion on matters relative to the PCSO lotto, we will publish letters sent by gamers effective today.

The objective of this undertaking is to bridge the gap between the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and lotto enthusiasts. This would allow lotto gamers to air their sentiments, give ideas and suggestions, and/or post opinions on vital PCSO programs and policies.

To start with, here’s a letter from a lotto bettor whose real name will be kept private. It reads:

“Subject: Modified bet price is a wrong strategy, it only encourages illegal gambling

Sent: July 11, 2013 via Yahoo! Mail

Message: Increasing lotto bet price is a ‘fatal’ mistake strategy of PCSO in their attempt to increase charity fund. It only drives away bettors to patronize illegal gambling.

It is a public knowledge that illegal gambling operations that are ‘riding’ on PCSO lotto draws are rampant all throughout Mindanao and other places.

The agency is spending large amounts for the operation of lotto while illegal gambling operators that are just ‘riding’ on lotto draws just tip law enforcers for their continued operation.

Here in ***, illegal gambling outlets are in public places and their bettors increased several times when PCSO modified their bet price.”

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