Email senders: Amount received lower than expected consolation prize

We got emails from gamers asking why the consolation prizes they received from lotto outlets were lower than their expected winnings.

Here’s a couple of those emails:
“I would like to ask, what is the price if I get 4 correct digits in lotto’s 6/42 draw dated July 2, 2013? The cashier at the lotto outlet in Robinsons Supermarket in Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna only gave me Php 200 yesterday, July 14, 2013. But I saw in your website that the price for that particular draw is up to Php 1,000. Can I ask from you if it’s really just Php 200? FYI, the teller got my ticket yesterday, all I have with me is my lotto card. The combination of your July 2, 2013 6/42 draw is 25-07-27-08-16-10 and my winning numbers are 07-27-08-10. Thank you very much and God bless.” ~ Cristina Ligores
“Ba’t po ganun naman? Tumama po ako ng 4 digits noong July 13, 2013 (14, 18, 22, at 29) sa 6/55. Ang ibinigay lang po sa akin is Php 570, pero ang nakalagay po sa site nyo Php 3,000. Baka po naman puwede nyo pong ipaliwag ito sa akin at sa public para mas maintindihan ng mga taong bayan.” ~ Stark Bides

Based on what is posted on the official PCSO website, the maximum prize in each game will be DIVIDED among all winning tickets for that prize level. Paghahati-hatian po ng winners ang maximum prize ng partikular na major lotto game.

If you notice in the new lotto prize dividend structure, meron pong nakalagay na “UP TO” (Filipino: “HANGGANG”) sa prizes ng 5 at 4 na winning numbers sa lahat ng major draws.

Ibig sabihin, for example ang premyo ay “UP TO P3,000” para sa 4 winning numbers ng Grand Lotto 6/55, it’s possible that the actual prizes given at lotto outlets would range from Php 200 UP TO Php 3,000 (mula Php 200 HANGGANG Php 3,000) or maybe even lower, depending on the number of winning tickets para sa apat na winning numbers sa Grand Lotto.

The number of winning tickets nationwide is automatically generated and determined by the PCSO main computer center.

To the email senders and those who were asking, please note that the explanation doesn’t officially come from PCSO, but it is hoped that we have, at least, enlightened you on the issue.